Doce Vida Europe

Who we are



We started our activities in 1992 in order to offer natural and healthy products, being pioneers in the processing of fruits in the state of Goiás – Brazil.

Our strategies include sustainable growth with social responsibility, respect for the environment, continuous improvement of production processes and the investment in our employees.

We want to be leader in fruit processing, offering quality products, satisfying our customers, distributors, shareholders and employees, respecting the community and the environment to achieve business excellence with focus on sustainability and continuous improvement.

Doce Vida today

Doce Vida operates in the processing of fruits and continuously invest in quality, technology and research to always get the best products.

Our team of employees are trained regularly and we seek to standardize our procedures that are always in line with the preservation of the environment and the principles of sustainability.

A careful marketing strategy and constant improvements in our production and logistics process ensures that the products reach consumers quickly, preserving all its nutritional characteristics.

Quality & Food Safety

Our raw materials are purchased from qualified and carefully selected suppliers, being properly manipulated, ensuring the natural properties of the products to their consumption.

The products go through pasteurization, good manufacturing practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in order to guarantee food security for our customers.

We are audited by the FDA agencies (Food and Drug Administration), Intertek and WQS, and we have the Kosher certification.


The quality of the production process has placed us among the largest fruit processing industries in Brazil and accredited us to enter the demanding export market, with the same quality products and respecting cultural differences and religious habits from all over the world.

Currently exporting to the US, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe and others, we have a distribution center in the city of Apeldoorn – Netherlands, to serve the European market.